Invisalign Edmonton

Invisalign Edmonton

See about the many advantages of Invisalign in Edmonton when checking into orthodontic treatment in a family dental atmosphere. Whether you've received a referral from your dentist for braces or you suspect you or your teenager needs to wear braces to straighten teeth, close gaps between teeth, or correct overcrowding, we have an option available at Signature Smilez designed to fit your budget.

You can learn more about clear Invisalign braces when you browse our 'Services' page or schedule a meet & greet with our team to discuss alternative braces without metal wires, bands, or brackets.

How Do I Know if I Need Braces?

Our team at Signature Smilez can provide a complimentary assessment and customized digital video to demonstrate how Invisalign will recreate your smile, from start to finish. You'll learn more about clear Invisalign in Edmonton on our website when you visit the 'Patient Education' section or explore additional resources available online. With Invisalign, you'll benefit from all of the following:

  • Removable smooth plastic aligners for easier brushing, flossing, and eating all the foods you love
  • Fewer office visits than with band & bracket braces ... and no wire tightening!
  • Invisalign in Edmonton comes with payment options
  • Discreet orthodontics, so no one but you will know you're straightening your teeth
  • See results begin in just a few weeks
  • No metal wires to poke the skin - nothing to break!

Will Invisalign Work For Me?

Schedule a appointment at Signature Smilez to find out if you're a good candidate for clear Invisalign braces. Our staff will answer all of your questions and help you make the best decision for your smile goals.

If Invisalign is right for you, we can schedule your first office visit for a time that fits your busy lifestyle. Our office is open late into the evenings on Monday through Thursday for flexible scheduling that meets your needs. Find out more about Invisalign in Edmonton! There's no reason to wait.

Amazing Invisible Invisalign

Dentists refer to clear Invisalign braces are 'virtually' invisible because they're extremely difficult to detect, even during your best smiles. If you don't let others in on your little secret, chances are, they'll never know you've opted in to orthodontic treatment.

For teens, Invisalign's discreet profile means no peer pressure while having teeth straightened.

For adults, Invisalign clear orthodontic treatment means no self-consciousness at work or while enjoying a social event. There's truly no better way to enjoy the benefits of braces than with Invisalign.

Invisalign Makes Dreams Come True

Do you dream of a more beautiful smile with straight, white, perfectly spaced teeth? With clear Invisalign, it's affordable to achieve your objectives in as little as six months. Since no two patients are the same, the time it takes for Invisalign to work for you will be unique to your needs. During your  appointment, we'll provide additional information and insight into your treatment.

Why not book an Invisalign appointment today? There's no cost or obligation when you book now at Signature Smilez.

Invisalign Edmonton
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