How many times have you come across those who are spectacularly scared of braving a visit to the dentist? The thought is understandable - there's something incredibly weird about allowing an external entity (here, the dentist) to poke around inside your mouth with all those scary looking dental equipment. But, while we can understand the concept of dental paranoia, we still believe this paranoia must be tackled as effectively as possible when it gets in the way of you receiving appropriate general dentistry treatments for legitimate dental conditions. Not getting appropriate treatment for such conditions can be problematic, as these conditions can very easily escalate further and lead to greater complications later on. To address this dental phobia, we've come up with tips to better prepare you for all-important visits to the dental clinic.

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Talk to Us

Dentists aren’t averse to the whole idea of dental anxiety or dental paranoia. Dentists understand such a problem does exist and that it must be dealt with to solve your condition. How exactly does talking to the dentist help? Well, for starters, they talk to you - they tell you that there’s nothing here that’s going to harm you. The entire point is letting the dentist know that you’re uncomfortable. After all, it is only after you inform the dentist that you’re uncomfortable that the dentist would consider doing something about it. Dentists has their ways to ease the possible pain you suffer. And, that brings us to...

We Can Ease Your Pain

Modern medicine has eased the plight of the dentally paranoid through the numbing gel, which prevents you from feeling anything in the areas it affects. Numbing gels have proved to be extremely effective before dental injections – a standard practice for several general dentistry procedures. The same applies to the dental drill, which has successfully frightened a fair number of patients through its very design. But, we must let the numbing gel work its magic. If the noise of the drill gets overbearing, you can always pop in your headphones and simply disregard everything that’s happening around you or watch TV or listen to music.

There’s More You Can Do

Although numbing gels and anesthesia have proved to be effective, there are still things you can do to better deal with your dental fears and successfully sit through a general dentistry procedure.

  • Bring along a friend or a family member – having someone ‘on your side can do wonders to your confidence, and you won’t have to worry about the fact that you are unconscious due to sedatives during the procedure
  • Try to adopt techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, relaxed breathing – all of which can help you with your anxiety

We, dentists, understand those who are dentally paranoid and we do our best to ensure that your dental procedure is a success. Contact us to learn more about our general dentistry services or to tell us more about your dental condition, you’re just an appointment away from getting a fix.